Below is a summary of Taylor’s electronic health record (EHR) during his visit. As a nurse, in addition to getting Taylor prepared for the tests and procedures ordered by the physician, you are responsible for obtaining, reading and monitoring his vital signs. Using Virtual Physical Exam (VPE), Taylor’s EHR and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Taylor’s healthcare team.

  1. Review Taylor’s EHR: The physician needs to quickly assess Taylor’s symptoms and current vital signs. As the nurse, it is your job to record this information in the patient’s chart. You record Taylor’s blood pressure and his pulse rate in his EHR. What are these numbers?

    Internet Research: What do these numbers indicate regarding Taylor’s health?

  2. Internet Research: What does BMI measure?

    Review VPE: According to VPE, what is Taylor’s BMI?

    Internet Research: Why is Taylor’s BMI of concern?

  3. Internet Research: Why is it important to know Taylor’s family medical history, including his father’s diabetes? Explain.

  4. Internet Research: You review Taylor’s EHR and notice that Taylor’s fasting blood glucose and cholesterol are high. What is the best recommendation you can make to Taylor to help him lower these results without medication(s)?

View Taylor’s EHR – PCP Chart   Virtual Physical Exam