Taylor hasn’t been feeling well lately. In the locker room last week, after finishing last in the one mile walk, Taylor’s classmates began teasing him. In embarrassment and frustration, Taylor accidentally slammed his locker shut on his finger. A week later, the cut still hasn’t healed.

In class, he complains to his teacher that he has trouble seeing the whiteboard and that his head hurts. He is also thirsty all the time, which causes him to use the restroom frequently.

Crystal notices a change in Taylor’s behavior, including frequent mood swings. He used to grudgingly comply when she asked him to pick up his room, but lately he has been putting up more of a fight. She also has noticed that while playing video games with his friends, he is easily annoyed and frustrated. Yesterday she spoke with his teacher about his headaches and his inability to see the whiteboard.

When Crystal finally asks Taylor what is wrong, he confesses how he has been feeling. Taylor’s health issues concern his parents. Taylor’s father, Stewart, has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and there is a long family history of type 2 diabetes. Since birth, Taylor’s regular physical exams have indicated that he is above the norm in body mass index (BMI) and weight, and below the norm in height.

Growth Chart:

Based on his current health issues and health history, his parents decide to make an appointment with Dr. Waring, the family primary care physician (PCP).

  1. Review Taylor’s Height & Weight chart: According to the chart, what is Taylor’s current height (stature) and weight?

  2. Internet Research: Using the CDC’s BMI Percentile Calculator for Child and Teen, enter Taylor’s personal information into the calculator. What is Taylor’s BMI number? And, what is his health status?

  3. Review the Body Mass Index chart: What is the normal weight range Taylor should be for his height?

  4. Individual Response: Using your own height, what would be your normal weight range?

  5. Review Taylor’s story: As a team, provide 4-5 lifestyle changes Taylor could make to decrease his BMI.

  6. Internet Research: Using WebMD’s Symptom Checker and Taylor’s signs and symptoms, what medical conditions could Taylor develop if he continues down his current path?

  7. Internet Research: Taylor’s mom suspects that Taylor has type 2 diabetes. What tests will the physician run to determine if this is true?