Below is a summary of Stewart’s electronic health record (EHR) activity during his 10-day stay in the hospital. As a pharmacist, you are responsible for ensuring that Stewart receives the proper medications ordered by the physician. You are also responsible for reviewing any adverse interactions Stewart might have with his current medications. Using his EHR and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Stewart’s healthcare team.

  1. Review Stewart’s Inpatient EHR: You review Stewart’s total cholesterol results, including his LDL, HDL and triglycerides. What are his Lipid Panel (cholesterol) results?

    Internet Research: What types of medication would you recommend to control his cholesterol? Provide a brief sentence regarding how each medication works.

  2. Review the Video: Stewart has an insulin pump to help control his type 2 diabetes. Watch the video on insulin and explain how it works.

    Internet Research: In addition to the insulin pump, Stewart is also taking Metformin. What is Metformin and how does it work?

    Internet Research: Why are both medications beneficial in type 2 diabetes management?

  3. Review Stewart’s Inpatient EHR: Stewart must continue to take his insulin and Metformin. In addition, three other medications are recommended by the physician. What are these medications?

    Internet Research: What is the purpose of these three medications?

View Stewart’s EHR – Inpatient Chart