Below is a summary of Stefani’s electronic health record (EHR) activity during her hospital visit. As an oncology physician, you are responsible for examining Stefani, ordering tests and procedures and diagnosing her condition. Using her EHR and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Stefani’s healthcare team.

  1. Review Stefani’s Inpatient EHR: You order additional blood work for Stefani and the results are quickly shown as normal or abnormal in her EHR. Identify which tests are abnormal and explain how this is indicated.

    Internet Research: Explain how these tests help the team determine Stefani’s diagnosis.

  2. Internet Research: You perform a sentinel node biopsy and PET scan to help determine if and how far her cancer has metastasized. Provide a brief description of these procedures.

  3. Internet Research: During the sentinel node biopsy you remove a couple of Stefani’s lymph nodes. What is the purpose of lymph nodes?

View Stefani’s EHR – Inpatient Chart