Below is a summary of Stefani’s EHR activity during her stay at the hospital. As a medical and health services manager, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that Stefani receives the best overall care possible. You will also compile Stefani’s bills, consisting of her tests, procedures, room charges, supplies and medications. Using her EHRs, VPE and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to verify the responses with the rest of Stefani’s healthcare team.

To determine the cost of Stefani’s PCP and hospital inpatient stay, you will need the following:

  1. Use the blank copy of Stefani’s PCP and Inpatient bills and the Bill Reference to calculate and track her costs. In her EHRs, look for costs in the areas of labs, pathology, medications (be sure to pay attention to how many times during her stay each was administered) and diagnostics. You may need to do additional Internet research. Some helpful sites are, and

View Stefani’s EHR – Inpatient Chart