As a health coach, you will recommend lifestyle changes to alleviate skin-related symptoms, prevent symptoms from recurring and decrease the need for future care. You will also provide the education Stefani will need to understand her diagnosis and the risk factors that may have caused her condition. Using her EHR and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Stefani’s healthcare team.

  1. Internet Research: Explain why Stefani should continue to perform routine self-examinations of her skin.

  2. Review Stefani’s Inpatient EHR: Review the results of her PET scan and sentinel node biopsy. What do these results indicate?

  3. Internet Research: What type of additional treatment can she expect and how can you assist her in navigating treatment and preparing for recovery?

  4. Internet Research: What changes do you suggest Stefani incorporate into her daily life? What can she teach her students so they don’t make the same mistakes she’s made?

  5. On Your Own: Stefani is trying to decide whether she should inform her family, friends, work and/or students of the health plan provided for her. List two reasons why they should be informed and two reasons why they should not be informed.

View Stefani’s EHR – Inpatient Chart