During the biopsy, Dr. Smith notices that the margins around the removed area were not clear and the results confirm that the dark spot on her back is malignant.

Dr. Smith immediately sends Stefani to the hospital for follow-up; including a PET scan to determine overall biological function. Additional tests and/or procedures will be needed to determine the type and stage of Stefani’s cancer.

  1. Internet Research: What is a PET scan and what is its purpose in cancer detection?

  2. Internet Research: Describe the differences among the following possible diagnoses of Stefani’s malignant mole:

  3. Internet Research Your skin, which is part of the integumentary system, is the largest organ in your body and is composed of multiple layers. What are the three major layers of skin?

    Internet Research: Which layers do the different types of cancer – basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma – impact?