As a health care provider, your two primary goals are to improve the health of patients and to provide education so patients do not continuously revisit health care facilities for the same issues. In fact, the government has set guidelines to help judge readmission rates and offer incentives and penalties for those that meet or do not meet readmission rate goals. For example, the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP)—part of the Affordable Care Act—currently penalizes hospitals by one percent for excess readmissions of patients with heart attacks, heart failure or pneumonia.

A patient that is well informed:

Successfully improving the health of the patient requires a team effort, with each member fulfilling his or her individual responsibilities.

Activity: As a member of your patient’s care team, complete the following activity:

  1. Join together in your patient’s care team.
  2. Individually, make notes on the Role Responsibilities Activity sheet regarding your responsibilities to the patient and your responsibilities to the other members of your patient’s care team.
  3. In your group, each team member shares their responsibilities with the rest of the patient’s care team.
  4. As each member shares their responsibilities, make notes on your activity sheet.