Below is a summary of Rob’s EHR activity during his five day stay in the hospital. As an oncologist, you are responsible for examining the patient, ordering tests and procedures, interpreting and analyzing test results and confirming Rob’s diagnosis. Using his EHR and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Rob’s healthcare team.

  1. Review Rob’s Inpatient EHR: The result of Rob’s CT scan is posted to his EHR. What do his test results reveal?

  2. Internet Research: After ordering the CT scan and viewing the results, you order a sputum cytology test and a lung biopsy. Why do you order these tests?

    Review Rob’s Inpatient EHR: What do these tests reveal?

  3. Internet Research: The results of Rob’s tests are not encouraging and you explain the possible treatment options; which include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or all of the above. What are the four options in lung surgery? Provide a brief explanation of each.

    Internet Research: Also, provide a brief explanation of chemotherapy and radiation.

View Rob’s EHR – Inpatient Chart