Dr. Jamison has been encouraging Pam to quit smoking for years and knows that her smoking is a large part of why she has a lingering cough and cold. After reviewing Pam’s signs and symptoms, family history and spirometry results, Dr. Jamison gives Pam a short-term bronchodilator and recommends that Pam follow up with a pulmonologist at HiTech Medical Center.

Pam meets with the pulmonologist who orders several tests that require Pam to be admitted to the hospital as an outpatient in order to help determine a diagnosis.

  1. Internet Research: Albuterol (Ventolin HFA) is a short-term bronchodilator. Explain this type of medication.

    Internet Research: Why does Dr. Jamison prescribe this to Pam?

  2. Internet Research: Why does Dr. Jamison recommend that Pam see a pulmonologist?