Pam, after five mostly sleepless nights despite taking cough medicine, makes an appointment to see her physician. She’s concerned because her cold isn’t going away. Her family physician, Dr. Jamison, asks Pam some questions about her cough, checks her lungs and heart, hears a wheezing noise and adds a note to Pam’s electronic health record (EHR). Dr. Jamison tells Pam that her airways seem constricted and asks her if she has ever been diagnosed with asthma. Pam replies “no” as Dr. Jamison adds notes into Pam’s EHR. Dr. Jamison asks Pam questions about the kind of work she does, how long she has been doing it and about her smoking habits. Dr. Jamison then has her blow into a spirometer.

  1. Review Pam’s ED EHR: What are Pam’s symptoms as listed in the Patient Information section under “Reason for Visit”?

    Internet Research: Using WebMD’s Symptom Checker what conditions/disease could cause these symptoms.

  2. Internet Research: What is a spirometer?

    Internet Research: How is a spirometry test performed?
View Pam’s EHR – PCP