Dr. Jamison has been encouraging Pam to quit smoking for years. He knows that her smoking is a large part of why she has a chronic, phlegmy cough and tires easily. After reviewing Pam’s symptoms, family history and spirometry results, Dr. Jamison gives Pam a short-term bronchodilator. He recommends that Pam follow up with a doctor at Hi-Tech Medical Center.

Pam meets with the pulmonologist who orders several tests that require Pam to be admitted to the hospital as an outpatient in order to help determine a diagnosis.

  1. Internet Research: Albuterol is a short-term bronchodilator. Select the answer that BEST describes how it functions when taken.
    A. Slow (extended) release and opens up the airways slowly.
    B. Slow (extended) release medication that relieves chest pains.
    C. Quick-relief medication that opens up breathing passages.
    D. Quick-relief medication that relieves chest pains

  2. Internet Research: Dr. Jamison prescribed Albuterol, a bronchodilator, for Pam. Answer the following question about bronchodilators.
    TRUE or FALSE: Long-Acting Bronchodilators are best for treating sudden symptoms, because they start working within minutes of inhalation.

  3. Internet Research: Dr. Jamison recommends that Pam see a pulmonologist. What area of diagnosis and treatment does a pulmonologist practice?
    A. Brain and nervous system
    B. Heart and cardiovascular system
    C. Lungs and respiratory system
    D. Blood conditions and cardiovascular system