Below is a summary of Mike’s EHR activity during his first few minutes in the ED. As a nurse, you are responsible for gathering Mike’s family and health history and obtaining, reading and monitoring his vital signs. Using his EHR, Virtual Physical Exam (VPE) and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Mike’s health care team.

  1. Review Mike’s ED EHR: After reviewing Mike’s vital signs, you notice there are several tests that are abnormal. What are these tests?

  2. Internet Research: You notice that the physician has ordered an EKG for Mike. You are responsible for placing the electrodes and monitoring the results. What is the purpose of performing an EKG?

  3. Review Mike’s VPE: How will Mike’s physician use his echocardiogram with ejection fraction, chest X-ray and blood test results to determine if he is suffering from congestive heart failure or a heart attack?

View Mike’s EHR – ED Chart   Virtual Physical Exam