Dr. Smith notes the following data on Melissa’s chart: ICD-10-CM diagnosis code B27.90; CPT codes 86664 (Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody Panel), 87653 (rapid strep test), 87880 (strep culture) and 99214 (Level 4, 25-minute exam). Melissa receives a copy of her statement and a copy is sent to the medical and health services manager, who processes the diagnosis codes and CPT codes, then sends the information to Melissa’s insurance provider.

As Dr. Smith leaves the room, the health coach enters to provide Melissa with more information about mono. The health coach informs her that she will need to rest and drink plenty of fluids, and that her condition should improve in a few weeks. She also stresses the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene by telling her not to share drinks, utensils or her toothbrush with others, to wash her hands often and avoid sharing bodily fluids (through kissing, for example). She reminds Melissa that she can take pain relievers if needed, but not aspirin, and that she must avoid sports as directed by Dr. Smith. As the health coach leaves, she tells Melissa that if she has any more questions or starts to feel worse, an advisor is available for consultation through her PHR.

  1. Review Melissa’s Story: The medical and health services manager is responsible for:
    1. Processing Melissa’s diagnosis and CPT codes
    2. Having Melissa read and sign the HIPAA notice
    3. Diagnosing Melissa’s condition
    4. Taking Melissa’s vital signs

  2. Review Melissa’s Story: The health coach is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Reviewing the physician’s directions
    2. Providing more information about mono
    3. Stressing the importance of good hygiene
    4. Entering Melissa’s results into her EHR

  3. Review Melissa’s Story: How many people worked on Melissa’s PCP case?
    1. 1-3
    2. 4-5
    3. 6-7
    4. 8-10