Health Literacy: Melissa is currently covered by her father’s insurance through his employer. Each year he is presented with health insurance plans to choose from. Click HERE to review his insurance choices. Then, answer the following questions to help with this decision.

  1. Internet Research: What are the benefits of choosing the HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) plan?

  2. Internet Research: What are the benefits of choosing the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan?

  3. Making it Personal: Based on the information you reviewed, which plan would you choose and why?

Health Literacy: In order to be cleared to start her post-season training program, Melissa went to her Athletic Trainer (AT) at school to ask about the protocol. The AT explained to Melissa that she must be cleared by her PCP (Primary Care Physician) in order to start training again. Melissa and her parents schedule an appointment with her PCP as a follow up. The PCP performs a routine physical to check for any changes in Melissa. The physician then calls for routine blood work, or a CBC (Complete Blood Count), to check for any changes as well as an EBV antibody panel to check for signs of mono. Both tests are negative, and the PCP clears Melissa to start training again with no restrictions and no medications.

  1. Health Literacy: It’s important that you review both the bill from the PCP and the bill the Insurance company sent. Compare Melissa’s PCP bill to Melissa’s Insurance bill, do they match up? List the four errors between the bills.

  2. Making it Personal: When finding these errors, what is the next step to finding a solution to this billing error? Describe the process or steps you would take to solve this problem.