As Melissa waits, she remembers not too long ago when she didn’t have an EHR and her medical records were kept in a manila file with some numbers on it. She also remembers how inconvenient this was — either she or her parents were constantly having to repeat themselves, the nurse or physician had to flip through pages of information to review her last visit, and she couldn’t decipher her physician’s handwriting to know if the correct information was being recorded.

Melissa wonders — what is the history of medical record keeping? Once again, she pulls out her smartphone and searches the Internet.

Melissa learns:

  1. Review Melissa’s Story: True or False: In 2009, Congress passed the HITECH act which states that all medical information contained in a health record must be captured electronically.
    1. True
    2. False

  2. Discussion Question: Review the list below. Identify each bullet as an advantage of the electronic record system or an advantage of the paper record system.