Terms to Know: Urgent Care, prednisone, corticosteroid

  1. Health Literacy: Because Melissa’s situation was not life threatening, she and her parents decided to go to an Urgent Care clinic instead of going to a hospital emergency room. Choose the proper level of care for each of the following health situations by indicating “UC” for urgent care or “ED” for emergency department.
    1. Chest pain / shortness of breath
    2. Heat stroke
    3. Laceration / cut
    4. Rash
    5. Seizures
    6. Strains / Sprains

  2. Review Melissa’s story: The pharmacist is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Verifying Melissa’s identity when giving Melissa the prescription
    2. Diagnosing Melissa’s condition
    3. Providing information on the medication prescribed
    4. Processing and filling Melissa’s prescription

  3. Discussion Question: Melissa’s prescription was sent electronically. If the prescription had been handwritten, what errors could occur?
    1. Melissa could lose the handwritten prescription
    2. The Pharmacist might not be able to read the prescription
    3. Drugs with similar names are a common source of error
    4. All the above