Melissa’s name is called and she is shown to an exam room where the nurse accesses her EHR and displays it on a large monitor. As the nurse takes Melissa’s vital signs, Melissa is able to view her health information displayed on the screen and notices that she has lost another pound. She asks the nurse if her blood pressure is normal—it is. Melissa can also see that she has a fever of 101 degrees. The nurse quickly confirms Melissa’s symptoms and takes a digital image of her throat, which then appears in her EHR. She signals to Dr. Smith that Melissa is ready for examination.

  1. Discussion Question: Which of the following in NOT a benefit of Melissa seeing her medical information as it is recorded?
    1. Improve her understanding of her medical condition
    2. Increase her involvement in her care
    3. Help her clarify any miscommunication or errors regarding her current health
    4. Ignore the information and self-diagnose and treat her condition

  2. Review Melissa’s Story: What are the four measurements of vital signs?
    1. Pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiration
    2. Pulse, lab tests, temperature, blood pressure
    3. Respiration, height, weight, heart rate
    4. Lab tests, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure

  3. Review Melissa’s Story: The nurse is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Taking Melissa’s vital signs
    2. Confirming Melissa’s symptoms
    3. Taking a digital image of Melissa’s throat
    4. Ordering laboratory tests