Terms to Know: antibody, infectious mononucleosis, viral infection, spleen, aspirin, Reye’s syndrome, antibiotic, Diagnosis code (ICD-10-CM), CPT

  1. Review Melissa’s story: Match the healthcare responsibility to the healthcare professional.
    ______ A. Physician 1. Providing more information about mono
    ______ B. Medical and Health Services Manager 2. Diagnosing illness
    ______ C. Health Coach 3. Processing diagnosis and CPT codes

  2. Health Literacy: Melissa has a responsibility for improving her health. Which of the following demonstrates health enhancing behaviors recommended by the health coach?
    1. After two days of rest, Melissa feels almost normal and returns to school because she has a big test
    2. Melissa was not sure her physician’s diagnosis was correct, so she checked with the athletic trainer to see if they will clear her to play soccer
    3. Melissa’s friend has a prescription for back pain relief and shared two pills with Melissa because they weren’t aspirin
    4. Melissa does not play in the championship soccer game until she is cleared by her physician

  3. Health Literacy: Melissa tells her soccer coach that she cannot play in the championship game. They decide to call Dr. Smith to confirm that Melissa has mononucleosis. What do you think Dr. Smith will tell Melissa’s soccer coach?
    1. Dr. Smith will confirm Melissa’s diagnosis
    2. Dr. Smith is unable to tell her soccer coach anything because of the HIPAA rule
    3. Dr. Smith will tell her soccer coach that Melissa cannot play in the state championship because she could rupture her spleen
    4. Dr. Smith will tell her soccer coach that Melissa’s condition is not serious and she is able to play in the game

  4. Health Literacy: Why is an antibiotic not going to help cure Melissa’s mono?