Terms to Know: EHR, vital signs, blood pressure

  1. Review Melissa’s EHR: Melissa notices on her EHR chart one of her vital numbers is in ‘red’. What does this indicate?
    1. The value is abnormal
    2. This is a self-reported value
    3. The equipment malfunctioned
    4. The test needs to be readministered

  2. Health Literacy: Melissa asked the nurse if her blood pressure was normal. Which of the following health skills is Melissa exhibiting?
    1. Setting goals about health
    2. Making decisions about health
    3. Accessing valid information about health
    4. Using communication skills to enhance health

  3. Review Melissa’s story: The nurse is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Taking Melissa’s vital signs
    2. Ordering laboratory tests
    3. Confirming Melissa’s symptoms
    4. Taking a digital image of Melissa’s throat

  4. Review Melissa’s story: What are the four measurements of vital signs?
    1. Pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiration
    2. Pulse, lab tests, temperature, blood pressure
    3. Respiration, height, weight, heart rate
    4. Lab tests, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure

  5. Making it Personal: Using the Vital Signs Reference Chart determine if your pulse and respiration values are normal or abnormal.