It has been six weeks since Melissa was diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis and she is finally starting to feel like her old self — her energy level and appetite are back to normal and she is hanging out with her friends again. She was out of school for ten days but has caught up with tests and homework. A few weeks ago, her parents received the bill for her PCP visit and yesterday they got the Urgent Care bill. Her parents compared the statements she received at the PCP and Urgent Care offices to the bills they received, and they match. Melissa is covered under her parent’s insurance, so the family out-of-pocket expense is relatively low. If Melissa was not covered by insurance, the costs for both visits could be quite expensive.

  1. Review of Melissa’s Story: From initial symptoms to her parent receiving the final bill, make a list of all the people who impacted Melissa’s care.

  2. Discussion Question: Which of the following are reasons for maintaining a PHR?
    1. Helps you and your healthcare providers manage your health
    2. Allows for documentation of allergies, surgeries, chronic health problems and immunizations
    3. Tracks disease prevention initiatives such as screening tests, exercise and dietary habits and health goals
    4. All of the above