Terms to Know: personal health record (PHR), primary care provider (PCP), HIPAA
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  1. Review Melissa’s story: List three (3) symptoms Melissa should report to her healthcare provider?

  2. Review Melissa’s story: From the symptoms listed in question 1, what are some possible diagnoses for Melissa?

  3. Health Literacy: According to HIPAA, who DOES NOT have the right to see Melissa’s medical information?
    1. Physician’s office staff
    2. Insurance companies
    3. Family, relatives, or friends
    4. Various people/agencies as needed to protect the public’s health

  4. Health Literacy: When searching for health information online, which statement(s) BEST describes the validity and reliability of a website?
    1. If the website was listed first after doing a search
    2. If the website url is .gov, .edu, or .org
    3. If the website provides medical information
    4. All of the above