After surgery, Maya is admitted to the hospital as an inpatient for four (4) days to recover. The day after surgery, she begins physical, occupational and speech therapy– each lasting an hour and leaving her physically and mentally exhausted. Despite the therapy, she experiences spasticity in her right hand and must receive Botox® treatments. She receives one series of injections in the hospital and they will continue every three (3) months, possibly for life, to relieve the pain and stiffness. While her condition improves in the hospital – her memory of the events leading up to her stroke are finally returning and her chances for recovery are considered good. However, it may take months or years to regain even a fraction of her previous abilities and lifestyle. The care team continues to document and monitor her health information in her EHR.

Maya, her care team and her daughter will begin to plan for Maya’s release, while she is still in the hospital. After leaving the hospital, Maya will be moved to a specialized facility where physical, occupational and speech therapy will continue. Once she leaves the specialized facility, she must continue her therapy plans on her own to maintain her progress and abilities.

  1. Review the Video: While Maya is in surgery, her daughter is asked to watch the video below to prepare for her mom’s recovery. List three points of information that Maya’s daughter notes as important for her mom’s recovery at home.

  2. Internet Research: The following statements are considered a myth when discussing a stroke. Explain why each statement is incorrect.

View Maya’s EHR – Inpatient Chart