Below is a summary of Maya’s EHR activity during her four hours in the ED. As an ED nurse, in addition to preparing Maya for tests and procedures ordered by the physician, you are responsible for obtaining, reading and monitoring her vital signs. Using her EHR, Virtual Physical Exam (VPE) and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Maya’s healthcare team.

  1. Review Maya’s ED EHR: As an ED nurse, you are responsible for collecting Maya’s vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and respiration/breathing rate). Which of Maya’s vitals indicate a cause for concern?

    Internet Research: What are normal results / ranges for these vital signs?

  2. Review Maya’s VPE: You prepare Maya for a CT scan and angiography. What are these tests and what will the results tell the physician?

  3. Internet Research: The ED physician believes that Maya is suffering from an ischemic stroke. Why is quick treatment important for Maya?

  4. Internet Research: You greet Maya’s daughter when she arrives. As a nurse you are required by law to follow HIPPA; which only allows for certain information to be shared. What can you legally tell Maya’s daughter about Maya’s health?

View Maya’s EHR – ED Chart   Virtual Physical Exam