Maya Robinson is a 49-year-old female who owns a very successful flower shop. She studied business in college and is proud to be a small business owner. She also loves the creativity involved in creating floral arrangements. Her attention to detail is evident in her approach to business, as she always strives to be on time and on budget.

Maya is a single parent of two teenagers—a daughter who is 18 and will graduate from high school soon, and a son who is 15 and learning to drive. While it is tough at times, she truly loves being a mother. She tries to attend every game and recital and be an active part of her kids’ lives, leaving little time to focus on herself.

Maya knows she has high blood pressure and assumes it is under control because of the medication she takes. She has tried to cut down on her salt intake, but doesn’t watch her snacking closely enough (below is a sample of Maya’s daily food consumption). In the past, her cholesterol levels have been just out of the normal ranges as indicated in her Personal Health Record (PHR). Two years ago (at the advice of her physician) she overcame her 30-year addiction—smoking cigarettes.

Maya is currently in charge of floral design for a very large wedding and it hasn’t gone as smoothly as she had hoped, causing extra stress. She is tired, thinks she is seeing double and has the beginning of a horrible headache. But she doesn’t have time to slow down—the event is in two hours and she has to attend her son’s football game afterward.

Maya sees that several tables have been overlooked and she starts to tell one of her employees to grab some vases for them. Her words are garbled, and it seems no one understands her. She begins to feel dizzy and light-headed, so she sits down.

  1. Review Maya’s PHR & Story: Do you think Maya is healthy? In what areas do you think she could improve (include information about her diet and exercise)?

  2. Review Maya’s PHR: Maya has five test results that are outside of a normal range. What are those tests and Maya’s results?

  3. Internet Research: What are the normal ranges for each test and what are Maya’s results?

  4. Internet Research: Compare Maya’s diet to the Percent Daily Values chart. What are the recommendations for a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet in regards to calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates?

    Review Maya’s Story: What areas of concern do you see in regards to Maya’s nutritional data?
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