Even though healthcare is team-based, each team is made up of individuals with unique skills and responsibilities. There are some common personality traits often associated with people interested in healthcare careers: Prepare for a health career while in high school
Most high school students have one goal in mind—earning their diploma. But if you want to pursue a healthcare career, simply meeting graduation requirements may not be enough. High school is the time to start preparing by: Review: Ask yourself these questions then answer the final question:
  1. Do you like to interact with people?
  2. Are you comfortable with science — anatomy, physiology, biology, etc?
  3. Are you willing to stay update-to-date with certifications and the latest developments in your field by attending continuing education courses, conferences, webinars, etc.?
  4. Do you enjoy teamwork?
  1. Individual Response: Do you believe a healthcare career is right for you? Why or Why not?