Below is a summary of Brittany’s EHR activity during her first hour in the ED. As an ED nurse, in addition to getting Brittany prepared for the tests and procedures ordered by the physician, you are responsible for obtaining, reading and monitoring her vital signs. Using her EHR, Virtual Physical Exam (VPE) and Internet research, answer the questions and be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Brittany’s healthcare team.

  1. Internet Research: As the nurse in charge of Brittany’s care, you have to get her ready for an examination. What might make this process hard for Brittany?

  2. Review Brittany’s VPE: The ED physician has ordered an X-Ray and CT scan of Brittany’s head and spine. What do these results tell the physician?
  3. Review Brittany’s ED EHR: You are responsible for maintaining Brittany’s medical information during her first critical hour in the ED. Using her EHR, what do her vital signs tell you?

    Internet Research: As a nurse, what tools do you use to measure Brittany’s vital signs and monitor her health?

View Brittany’s EHR – ED Chart   Virtual Physical Exam