Brittany Wilson is a senior in high school. She has a lot on her mind, particularly since college applications are due soon. She and her parents have visited several colleges and she has decided she will do what it takes to get into her favorite one. To accomplish this, her grades will need to improve this semester and she will need to score three points higher on the ACT. Brittany spends her free time volunteering at a local daycare for underprivileged children, having her friends over for dinner and working at a clothing store to help pay for her cell phone and give her extra spending money. Below is a one day snapshot of her food choices.

This morning, even though Brittany is running late for school, she is careful to drive at or under the 45 mph speed limit – she doesn’t want another speeding ticket on her record – but she is worried. Her first period teacher is a stickler for punctuality. Not only is it embarrassing to be reprimanded in front of the class, but the teacher also deducts points for tardiness.

To make things worse, Brittany left her computer at her friend Gail’s house last night when they were studying together and it is too late to pick it up on her way to school. Brittany knows she is not supposed to text while she drives; after all, she has already been in a few accidents. But she has never caused any physical harm to herself or anyone else, so she glances down at her phone, scrolls for Gail’s picture and begins a text message to Gail’s cell phone, “L8 plz bring compu”… this is the last thing she sees.

At the same time, a mother leaving her daughter’s elementary school approaches the intersection and, with the light green, proceeds through…

  1. Review Brittany’s Story: Brittany is dealing with several stressors, what are they?

    On Your Own: Do you think Brittany is an average teenager regarding her amount of stress?

  2. Internet Research: Research the percentage of teens who text while driving.

    On Your Own: Survey your team to see how many of you text while driving. Be honest!

    On Your Own: How do these results compare?