Below is a summary of Ahmed‚Äôs electronic health record (EHR) activity during the four hours he is in the ED. As a laboratory or radiology technologist you collect and provide test results to assist the physician with their diagnosis. Use Ahmed’s EHR, Virtual Physical Exam (VPE) and Internet research to answer questions. Be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Ahmed’s healthcare team.

  1. Internet Research: Ahmed’s physician orders a chest x-ray. Describe a chest x-ray.

  2. Review Ahmed’s VPE: Explain his chest x-ray results.

  3. Internet Research: Ahmed’s physician orders a head CT scan and chest x-ray. Why would these be done on someone suspected of alcohol poisoning?

  4. Internet Research: You review Ahmed’s laboratory blood tests in his ED EHR and notice that there are some abnormal results. List and explain why Ahmed’s tests results are significant.

View Ahmed’s EHR – ED Chart   Virtual Physical Exam