Below is a summary of Ahmed‚Äôs electronic health record (EHR) activity during the four hours he is in the ED. As the health coach, you recommend lifestyle changes to reduce and prevent symptoms from recurring and decrease the need for future care. You also provide education Ahmed needs to understand his diagnosis and risk factors that may have caused his condition. Use his EHR, Virtual Physical Exam (VPE) and Internet research to answer the questions. Be prepared to discuss the responses with the rest of Ahmed’s healthcare team.

  1. Review Ahmed’s VPE: Explain the intubation procedure.

    Internet Research: Explain to Ahmed why his throat may be sore after the tube is removed.

  2. Internet Research: Review Ahmed’s lipid profile test results in his ED EHR and explain why his abnormal tests are important to understand.

  3. Internet Research: Ahmed’s lipid profile can be improved by simple lifestyle modifications. What are some modifications and how can they help improve his health?

  4. Internet Research: Based on what you know regarding his stress and alcohol, what types of professionals might be involved in Ahmed’s care?

  5. Internet Research: What educational tools regarding alcohol poisoning would you give him before he leaves the hospital?

View Ahmed’s EHR – ED Chart   Virtual Physical Exam