After Ahmed’s last beer he stumbles into the living room and curls up on the couch with a blanket and vomits multiple times. He complains of feeling cold and when he talks, he doesn’t make sense. The last thing Ahmed remembers is the living room spinning and talking to Mike, a fraternity brother, who is checking up on him. After talking with Mike, Ahmed passes out and without hesitation, Mike calls 9-1-1.

When the ambulance arrives, the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) begin their assessment and note that Ahmed has blue-tinged lips, cold to the touch, and is in-and-out of consciousness. They put him on a stretcher and take him to the ambulance. In the ambulance, an EMT takes Ahmed’s vital signs and notes that his breathing is irregular and slow. The EMT hooks him up to an IV and oxygen and administers an antiemetic to make sure he doesn’t vomit any more.

Mike follows the ambulance to Hitech Medical Center. While in the emergency department (ED), Mike explains to the nurse what happened, including how many drinks Ahmed consumed. In the meantime, Ahmed becomes unconscious, so a team of physicians and nurses intubate Ahmed to protect his airways, and they continue to monitor his health status.

  1. Internet Research: Using WebMd Symptom Checker, what do you think is wrong with Ahmed?

  2. Review Ahmed’s Story: List the clues that led you to this answer.

  3. Internet Research: What are some reasons people binge drink?

  4. Internet Research: Define blood alcohol content (BAC) and explain what happens to the body at each level.

  5. Internet Research: Using this Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator, calculate Ahmed’s BAC.

  6. Internet Research: How does alcohol affect the body systems?

  7. Team Response: As a team, review how Mike handled the situation then discuss and explain if your team would do anything differently.