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The Curriculum

During this online project, your students collaborate as a team of medical professionals to improve the health of their patient who has a preventable medical condition. As students assess and diagnose their patient and then develop the final project, they demonstrate the connection between making healthier lifestyle choices to decrease the chance of developing a preventable medical condition. The project promotes positive health-related decision making, setting lifestyle goals and communicating the importance of making simple behavior changes.

Project-Based Learning

Healthe Foundations addresses preventable medical conditions that are most relevant to today’s students using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) leading causes of death. Students work in groups to research a fictional patient story to comprehend the impact of lifestyle choices and consequences of actions. The project also reinforces the importance of accessing valid health information to make informed health decisions.

Designed with Teachers in Mind

Teachers like having the flexibility to customize when and where in their course they use Healthe Foundations. They receive a fully developed curricular program, along with comprehensive training and resources, that reinforce many of the National Health Education Standards. To continually improve the experience, we also make regular enhancements based on teacher feedback.

Comprehensive Outcomes Reporting

Teachers need to be able to show student improvement of course standards. Healthe Foundations provides detailed dashboards highlighting pre- to post- student progress of knowledge and behavior change. This data can be viewed at the teacher, building or district level.

Our Team

About Us

The Healthe Foundations program is provided to schools free of charge through Cerner Charitable Foundation. Founded in 1995, Cerner Charitable Foundation is dedicated to building healthier tomorrows and stronger communities around the world. The foundation provides equitable access to healthcare for children through individual medical grants and health and wellness programming.

Through engaging volunteer opportunities for associates and community initiatives, the foundation is reducing disparities, developing tomorrow’s transformative leaders and improving communities around the world. Cerner Charitable Foundation supports the healthcare industry and veteran communities through strategic grants and initiatives.

With a vision of an equitable world where individuals and communities thrive, Cerner Charitable Foundation serves as the primary philanthropic organization supported by Cerner associates, business partners and community members. In its a rich 25-year history, the foundation has improved the lives of nearly 660,000 people in 93 countries.